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We provide small space to advertise your products & services on this website with following description:


At different pages on right side space (with 150 pixel width)  is provided to advertise your products & services .


One advertisement includes a 150X50 pixel GIF file which will be linked to the specified page on your website. You may send us this file to be placed or we will develop it for you. If you develop it please keep in mind that its size must not be greater than 5.0 KB.


If you wish we will develop one single page for you without any extra cost and host this page with our website with all pictures and description  provided by you. This page may contain the links to the different pages on your website if you already have.


The height of the advertise can be increased in a multiple of 50 pixels but the width will remain same. The prices will be counted assuming the width of 50 for one advertisement.


e.g. if you wish to hire space of 150X150 pixel it will cost

Rs. 4800.00X 3=Rs. 14,400.00 on home page and

Rs. 3600X3=Rs. 10800.00 on any other page where space is available

Rates* of advertisement w.e.f. June 01, 2012

At home Page Rs.4800.00 For One Year
Any other page

(where space is provided & available for advertisement)

Rs. 3600.00 For One Year
Development of one page Free (Included in first year advertisement)
Development of additional pages Rs. 2000.00 Per page
*Applicable for area within the Sitarganj city Only.

*For region outside Sitarganj, Pleas contact personally.

*Charges for Photography and customer site visit extra.

*All pictures and text for web page development  (If required) to be provided by customer.

Payment Methods :


Through Account Payee Cheque payable to Delight Computers

Through DD in favor of Delight Computers Payable at Sitarganj.

Through direct deposit to any CBS Branch of Oriental Bank of Commerce

A/C Name : Delight Computers

A/C No. :06771131000194


Through NEFT or RTGS .


After a payment is made in any way please inform us by phone at +91-96752-14850 or by e-mail at as soon as possible so that we book space for you at appropriate page.


Terms & Conditions:


1. Rates of advertisement described above are only for one year.
2. Delight Computers is not bound to renew the advertise for the next duration with the same rates or the same advertise at all. Although the advertise once placed will be preferred at the time of renewal
3. Time duration or rates of advertise can be modified any time although the rate of space once provided will be bound for the duration for which Delight Computers has received the payment and finally advertised.
4. All payments must be made in advance.
5. Any advertising material should be in a lawful manner.
6. We don't advertise any adult, porn or unsocial material.
7. The decision of Delight Computer  to provide the space to  advertise on this website  will be last & final .
8. Any advertise will start from the First date of the next month if Payment is received before the 15th day of a month.
9. Any payment received after the 15th day of a month will attract a  delay of one more month.
10. This website is property of Delight Computers.
11. In case of dispute ,we are liable to refund the amount we receive at most. No further claims will be entertained.



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If you find any incorrect information on this page please contact us
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